Allow us to introduce ourselves...


 About two years ago, 25 sweatshirts with the phrase "BE NOT AFRAID TO STAND ALONE", were produced as a rally cry for a young man trying to find a way to authentically express himself. As time passed, and as we began to produce more sweatshirts, our mission was born to help empower others to express who they are un-apologetically. 

Today, we are proud to say that we are a brand built to empower people to be their selves un-apologetically. 


Everything we do starts with a story...

Everything we produce, from our exclusive clothing line to the blog posts we write, starts with a story. The entire structure of our brand follows a narrative, because we believe everyone has a story to share; which is why we want to build our brand in four phases: wear a story, read a story, hear a story, and live a story.


Phase ONE: wear a story 

Since printing the first 25 hoodies and storing them in a college dorm room, thehidden company found its beginnings in making clothing with empowering messages on it in order to spread our mission as well as start to form an audience. Today, our brand continues in that effort, dropping a small amount of products only available for a limited time before never being produced again. 


Phase TWO: read a story 

Every story is written somewhere. So why not start now? The Diary is our lifestyle blog where we post interviews with people like you or other really cool friends of ours. We also take the opportunity to share some hidden wisdom on how to just be you. 


Phase THREE: Hear a story 




Phase FOUR: Live a story