Our story

Everyone hides something. Whether it is your mental illness, your sexual orientation, your passion, or even your gender preferences, everyone has something they keep in the dark. However, we believe that everyone should seek to express who they are unapologetically. 

We know what it's like, first hand, to hide who you are. As a kid, Wes, the founder and chief storyteller of thehidden company, struggled to find who he was as he struggled to accept his place as black kid in a primarily white school. After years of feeling "hidden" among his peers, Wes set out to create a brand that would inspire kids to never feel the way he once did. He wanted to empower people to be okay with who they were, despite their differences.  (read more here)

Everyday we seek to continue this mission by empowering you to find your you, and be okay with who you are. We dedicate this brand: every hoodie, every tweet, and every instagram post, to those who suffer in silence; to those who feel hidden.  

Join the movement today. Seek to find your voice.

Seek to find your you.