About "Wes"


Most people don't read the about page, but if you happen to stumble here, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wes. Full name is Wesley, but you can call me Wes. I like chocolate chip cookies, lemonade, buffalo chicken, burgers, and pasta. More importantly, in my spare time, I like to tell stories which I do un-apologetically through thehidden. 

About two years ago, I wanted to express myself...my true self. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and things were becoming dark. I remember I felt alone. In fact, most of my childhood was that way. Growing up as a black kid in a white town, you often feel out of place.

It doesn't get any better when you have a rare skin condition which causes white spots to appear all over you. This is what I hide. I hid from the bullies, the teachers, and the prettiest girls in class. By the time I got to college, and after the break up, enough was enough. I wanted to stop hiding. 

So, I did what any rebellious teen would do: look for an outlet. I don't like to drink or smoke, so there's that. My friends would all wear street-wear, so I thought that would be cool to get into. But wait...I was a poor college kid. Then I thought...why not make my own?

That is when I made a few hoodies, sold them to a few friends and before I knew it word had started to spread. My main ambition was to always build a brand that stood for something. I wanted to build a brand that empowered people to be who they are despite what the world told them to be. I wanted to build a brand that discussed real things people hide.

Well...this is my attempt. Welcome to thehidden


Chief storyteller