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Who We Are


We are a multimedia storytelling company using the power of storytelling, creativity, philanthropy, and social media to change the story of

mental health.  



Every great company begins with a question. And our question was this: "how can we make the mental health conversation less scary?" We realized, in our experiences, talking about mental health can be hard never mind embarrassing; which can lead so many of us to hide our struggles.  Since 2020, we have been on the mission to make the mental health conversation an everyday conversation. 

Through our engaging content, or through our comfortable hoodies, we dedicate our efforts to become a beacon of light for those who feel alone; to save those who feel hidden. 


In 2022, after soft launching our hoodie brand, HiddenHoodies, we had an idea:


what if we gave all of the profits away to mental health organizations?


At first, it was like a wild idea you'd probably have in the shower, but then it started to take shape. 


Starting in May 2022, we are proud to say that all profits from the sales of HiddenHoodies will be donated to the Mental Health Coalition in order to move the mental health conversation forward. 

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IT'S OKAY 2 NOT BE OKAY. (3).png


Talking about mental health challenges can be challenging; which is why we are launching a speaking tour featuring Wes Woodson, the founder and chief storyteller of thehidden company.


Wes is going on tour sharing his personal story, in order to empower students and young adults that it's okay to not be okay. 


If you are interested in booking Wes as a speaker at your school, or event, click the button below.  

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