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I remember a friend of mine asked me, “How do you do it?” I remember looking at him, a bit caught off guard confused as to what he was getting at. Then it happened again. Another frined asked me the same question. And again, I didn’t know what that person was referring to. It became clear that that person, (well both of those people who asked me that question) were referring to my creative process. I’ve never considered myself an artist, and I always believed “creative processes” were used to help explain the vision behind a piece of artwork.

 But then it occurred to me that we all have creative processes, whether we realize it or not. For some, it can be writing down every idea they have in small notebook until they run out of pages. For others, it can include going on a 1 mile jog until an idea finally smacks them in the face. And even for the rare few, ideas just “appear” before them. Whatever the process may be, any creative process is the pursuit of an idea. More specifically, it is the pursuit of making an idea real.

I like to think that my own creative process exists somewhere in between those 3 I labeled above. I’ve had moments when ideas just come to me and I’ve had moments where I’ve used every single page in a notebook to draft out a single idea. But that’s besides the point. 

My creative process, behind thehidden, is based around one theory and one theory only:

“I am only trying to build the brand I have never seen before.” 

For instance, I thought it would be pretty cool to release a new item every single week and tell all my friends about it and make a big deal of it. I don’t know. I just thought that would be something cool to give back to the people who’ve supported my vision over the first year. And it would be awesome to invite new people to be a part of the vision! That’s what “August” is: it’s a chance for thehidden to give back by giving you something new every single week. 

I’ve always wanted to see a brand that put people first and product second. That’s why whenever you get anything from thehidden, I try my best to include personal touches inside every order. 

That is what drives my creativity: “how can I put people before the product, in order to make thehidden the brand I’ve always wanted?”

So if that person, who asked me how I do it, is reading this, I hope you have your answer. But to everyone else...create what you want to create. Build the world you want to live in and invite others to take part in it. It’s that simple. 

There’s nothing hidden about that.

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