So currently, we are all locked inside. We are all binge watching Netflix, eating cookies, and trying our best not look at the screen time report on our Iphones. But, in the midst of all this "madness", I think there's beauty to be found. 
Arguably, there’s beauty to be found in a lot of things. However,  I remember during one of these days, in between my 23rd episode of House Of Cards,  I texted Nick the supplier. (he’s the one responsible for thehidden hoodie you’re wearing).
We talked, caught up a bit about life, and more importantly about what’s going on with this corona madness and he texted back something so introspectively refreshing : “sometimes the highest highs, come from the lowest lows”.
Damn. I thought. I had to read it over twice.
Sometimes we forget that everything happens for a reason, and as unfortunate as it sounds...COVID-19 is no different. It’s getting realer out there, by the day. And with twitter going nuts, and "social distancing" becoming the term of the new decade, I think it’s important to understand the silver lining in all of this: 
take this time to get to know you. 

I’m not talking about binge watching Netflix. I’m not talking about playing Modern warfare or fortnite all day. Nor am I talking about surfing the depths of social media (although If that’s how you found this article then...thank you internet).

I’m talking about using this time of self quarantine and your attempt to hide from COVID-19 as a way to actually clean up yourself by getting a clearer understanding of yourself.
Below, I’ve attached 5 ways you can “stay hidden” from the virus. Or in other words, 5 ways you can better get to know YOU during this isolated time.
    1. make a list of things you want to accomplish and when you want to accomplish them by. 
    1. We sometimes need to spill our emotions kinda like I'm doing now. I recommend writing at least twice a day. I'll be making a post about that soon. 
    1. It’s probably messy, but cleaning your room can be a good way to clear your mind and stay calm.
    1. Make time for you. Go read the book you've been dying to pick up...or better idea go and write one. Start that business plan. You have time. 
  5. Check on a friend
    1. Call or text a friend. People like people...check in on someone you care about. They probably need that right now.
At the end of the day, you want to come out on the other side of this better than you were when you first got here.
Stay safe everyone, and more importantly...stay hidden.
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  • Mom on

    Great idea to inspire and motivate others in this time of uncertainty yet in a time of abundance of time.

  • Mom on

    Great idea to inspire and motivate others in this time of uncertainty yet in a time of abundance of time.

  • Will Huebner on

    Great article, these are definitely some things I should be working on. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Michael Woodson Jr. on

    Well said now time to execute 👍🏾

  • Michael Woodson Sr. on

    Good points Wesley!

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