How To Own thehidden Truth

How To Own thehidden Truth

When I first put this small capsule together, I came to a truthful realization. As much as I love to be so forthcoming about my vitiligo, I realized that it wasn’t always this way. In fact, the moment I first came out with my first article, about finally accepting my vitiligo, I had this big boulder release from the tops of my shoulders. I remember after typing the first words (insert first words of the first article) I felt this feeling of “oh sh*t, I am actually doing this” and when I pressed the “publish now” button, I was frozen. It was out. The secret I had tried to hide from the world, for years, was finally out. However, upon reflecting on that moment, I quickly tried to understand why this was such a big deal…and then it hit me.

Before I get to that, though, I think it’s important to note what I went through to bring me to this point. After all those years of judgement, all those years of walking down the halls with my hands in my pockets, all those years of being laughed at because of my hands, I had fallen into this place of darkness and selfdoubt. I remember coming home to my mother, crying, trying to find the answer as to why no one could accept or understand the spots on my hands.

I wanted to desperately know why my closest  friends couldn’t help but laugh or point out what I couldn’t control. It was then, at the young age of 14 years old, when my mother gave me the most valuable piece of advice that I could have ever received. (yes, shameless plug, I accredit most of my achievements and success to my mother) She took me by the hands and told me:

“people laugh at what’s different…they will never truly understand so don’t pay them any mind”.

That moment was the beginning of a new age. Although it took me some time, about 4 years, to truly settle and understand what she meant, I am forever grateful for what that has done. And it was thinking back to hearing my mother telling me those very words, which helped me to accept my hidden truth, my insecurity: my vitiligo. More importantly, that is what ultimately led me to start thehidden, and put this capsule together. I realized, when putting this capsule together, that we all have something different about us that we are scared about, so shouldn’t we own it?

Obviously this article isn’t just about me. I really want to emphasize that. Instead, it’s about you and tricks you can learn to help you come to terms with the “thing” that you hate about yourself and which you hide from others. In the end, this is a simple guide to how to own your hidden truth. Trust me…it’s worked for me.


1. Stop Caring What People Think

I cannot stress this enough. For me, I could really care less if Betty or Joe laugh at my spots. Forget Betty and Joe. It's easier to be mean than to be nice so if Betty or Joe want to laugh at you..they're just either insecure about themselves or have nothing better to do with their time. So to summarize this point, Betty and Joe are none of your concern. 

2. Ask Yourself "Why"

Okay, so this is where it gets deep and serious. You have to ask yourself why are you scared in the first place. I'd recommend going for a drive, listening to some music, or just going for a walk. But no matter what you do..ask yourself why. Constantly. Then, if you have a general answer, write it down. In fact, why don't you start an entire movement dedicated to inspiring other people as to why they shouldn't feel the way you are feeling right now.... hey, I heard it works :)

3. Change Your Perspective

Everything in life is all about the way you choose to view them. If you see something as one thing, then it becomes that thing you see it as. Maybe that's too much of a generalization, but hopefully you see my point.

When the spots first appeared, I didn't know what to do. I thought my hands were the ugliest thing I have ever seen. To be honest, sometimes I still do. But it wasn't until I began to change my perspective, which led me to really own the hidden truth. I saw them as tools to grow my self-confidence. Not only do they make me different, but it really does boost my self confidence and really serves as a cool tool to break down the tension in a social setting.


But I digress...change your perspective on the thing you're most insecure about and you win the game. 

4. Talk About It

Lastly, talk about it. You are only reading this article, because you are curious as to how I've struggled and overcome. This is the most important step and what I am doing right now. I am simply talking about it with you and by doing so I am becoming more secure with myhidden truth. 

So talk about anyone who will listen! Talk to your friends, your mom, your dad, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even your dog. ( my dog Bentley is a great listener). When you talk about it, not only do you get it out there but you begin to inspire others. And I believe, as humans, we are meant to do just that. 

I cannot wait to share the capsule with you guys! Stay tuned. 

I’d appreciate it if you share this story. If it spoke to you, in any way, pass it a long to the next person because I think it’s something we all need to understand.