Arianny's story

I wish that there was a specific moment that I could recall and state that I didn't feel okay. Instead the reality is that I've had months where I didn't feel okay due to familial and societal pressures on how I should live my life. While these pressures perhaps were not released with a negative intention they for sure negatively influenced my life. To know that individuals hold me to such high standards is something bitter sweet. While it may be something that makes me feel good, it's also something that has caused massive headaches, stress, depression, and allowed me to lose hours of sleep. That being said, those thoughts to then be aligned with my ideal of perfection is truly just killer.. In fact, I still deal with these thoughts at time. Which leads me to say that to me mental health is a work in progress. You really are never done working on your mental health.

What are/were steps you did to help yourself feel like yourself?

I am very big on spirituality and self development, it's really everything to me. If both of these elements were to be taken away from me I do not know how I would function. However, thankfully they haven't. Knowing that my belief system is what motivates me to better all aspects of my life, I took on incentives that aligned the my mental goals with my physical reality. For instance, meditating was an aspect that was super super effective. Every morning during those trying times I would wake up and play my guided meditations that I have installed on my computer (I preferred this way so I didn't have to use my phone, because I know that if I touched my phone I would hop on socials as soon as I touched it and I was trying to steer away from that.) Starting my morning with meditations really allowed me to focus on being in the present moment and not worrying about things that have yet to happen. Which is funny enough my problem. I am always worried about being the best of the best at what I do that it derails me from living in the moment. Which to me is one of the most important things now that I think of it. Living n the moment is something we simply will not get back.. Another action that I noticed that helped was repeating affirmations to myself. As aforementioned, feeling as if I wasn't enough (when in fact I am just enough) was something that I struggled with. To hear my own voice whether it be out-loud or in my head make everything better. Whether I knew it or not I was programming my subconscious mind. The same mind that affects our reality.. Lastly, just knowing that things will get better and that my guides did not leave me alone helped me alleviate said negative feelings.. This perhaps might not be a fulfilling answer to some, but to me it's everything. To know and be reassured by the higher power that I believe in whether it be through angel numbers, repeated signs, etc. it felt good to know and be reaffirmed that this too shall pass.

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